March Break Madness – Monday Funday

It’s the first official day of March Break, and it’s one our family has been looking forward to for a while. Some of the School Council (PTA) moms and I thought having a few family events scheduled for March Break could be fun. Especially for those of us who are stay-cationing! We planned two to test the waters. Monday…… Continue reading March Break Madness – Monday Funday

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March Break Madness – Opening Weekend

I love March Break. I love being able to pack a months worth of fun into a week of school-free days. After all, family fun is my job right? On Saturday, Addison and I , along with two of her giggliest friends, went to see a performance at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. As an adult,…… Continue reading March Break Madness – Opening Weekend

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The Truth About Sick Kids

Addison – 5 – has been sick since Sunday. I tried sending her to school Thursday to get some “absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder-time”, but she came home a hot mess. Literally.So now we are at Friday, and I’m running out of rose-coloured glasses to see this sickie kid through. Addison: Mommy, can I have a dwink? Sunday Mom: Sure babe,…… Continue reading The Truth About Sick Kids