“The Easter Bunny… Doesn’t Seem Possible”

Elizabeth will be 9 next week, and ahead of most of the kids her age, she has cracked the code on the Easter Bunny.  It was Easter Monday afternoon when she approached me and said “Do you buy us the Easter presents?” A blank stare was all I had in response, for what seemed like an hour.…… Continue reading “The Easter Bunny… Doesn’t Seem Possible”

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March Break Madness – Terrific Tuesday

Tuesday had us back at a bookstore, this time for a story and activity based on Dr. Seuss’s What Pet Should I Get. The story-time was a little dull for the girls, but the craft afterwards was right up their alley. Elizabeth got one of these Plush Pals kits for Christmas and it’s adorable. It’s a…… Continue reading March Break Madness – Terrific Tuesday


March Break Madness – Monday Funday

It’s the first official day of March Break, and it’s one our family has been looking forward to for a while. Some of the School Council (PTA) moms and I thought having a few family events scheduled for March Break could be fun. Especially for those of us who are stay-cationing! We planned two to test the waters. Monday…… Continue reading March Break Madness – Monday Funday