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March Break Madness – Opening Weekend

I love March Break. I love being able to pack a months worth of fun into a week of school-free days. After all, family fun is my job right? On Saturday, Addison and I , along with two of her giggliest friends, went to see a performance at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. As an adult,…… Continue reading March Break Madness – Opening Weekend

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The Truth About Sick Kids

Addison – 5 – has been sick since Sunday. I tried sending her to school Thursday to get some “absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder-time”, but she came home a hot mess. Literally.So now we are at Friday, and I’m running out of rose-coloured glasses to see this sickie kid through. Addison: Mommy, can I have a dwink? Sunday Mom: Sure babe,…… Continue reading The Truth About Sick Kids

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P.A. Day Staycation

It was a P.A. DAY in Halton last Friday, and it was rainy. Sounds like double trouble right? Normally it would be cause to start drinking before noon, but ever since we went to Woodbine Centre’s Fantasy Fair, they girls have been begging to go back. This wise mama checked the local school board websites…… Continue reading P.A. Day Staycation