I’m Amber. I’m a late-thirty-ish mom who over-shares about her two redheaded girls. Those girls who got their ginger genetics from me. So it’s a good thing I married the most patient and supportive man ever.

My Story

I quit my corporate life job in November of 2012 to become the stay at home mom I am today. I’m sure my girls are grateful and deeply indebted to me for the sacrifices I have made thus far in order to provide them with the best upbringing possible. Maybe they just think I don’t feel like working anymore. Maybe it’s a little from column A and a little from column B.

Our girls, Elizabeth and Addison, are 10 and 8 years old respectively, which means I have “so much free time” since they’re in school.

With all that free time, I’m usually found reheating a cup of tea and blogging for business over at ActiveParents.ca . It’s kinda special that I turned my love of social media, blogging, and family time into a business. Check me out sometime.


Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth gets all of her douchebaggery personality from me. I love her quick wit and unbounded energy. But I am very aware how these same two qualities can push me to the brink, but I’m told that is what kids do right? Elizabeth is brilliant, funny, enthusiastic and my right hand gal. I love her to bits. And I know the police will be involved when she becomes a teenager.

Addison’s Story

Addison is the Joker to Elizabeth’s Batman. Her sense of humour and peanut size are what keep her alive. She’s a tiny, gifted athlete who can out-run, throw, bat, kick, and jump us all. I don’t like to see kids pressured, but she’s probably going to be the first female Big Papi.

Matt’s Story

Enter my Prince Charming. Matt is my best friend, husband, and Sugar Daddy. Because of him I’m able to live a dream that I didn’t think was my dream. He works hard and is the most devoted father ever. We’ve been together since 2001 and each day gets better and better. Which is good, because after this long together we’re probably too set in our old people ways to take anyone else’s crap.

Stick around for some funny stories about kids, family and life. Probably some posts about crafts, baking and food, too. Plus, whatever else I feel like because you’re not the boss of me.






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