First Stop: Amber Cove, Dominican Republic

Yes, I was definitely planning to visit Amber Cove…

But it didn’t happen that way. As you can tell by the photo below, the seas they were a-storming! That’s heavy on the sarcasm. But because of high seas we didn’t dock at Amber Cove. Shocking, Amber Cove was angry! But it looked beautiful as we sailed by and a single tear rolled down my cheek.


But, just like on the Titanic, Carnival kicked the festivities into high gear to make the not-dying-just-cabin-fevering Rohals happy again. Music was non-stop, the activities were jacked on Red Bull and there was an entire room of board games! Boom!


So we played some games, ate to the point of sickness and loved our extra day at sea. Why? Because. We. Were. At. Sea. Y’all!


This is out fancy schmancy room complete with balcony (not a luxury, definitely a necessity) The little couch turns into a bed and the ceiling opens up to drop down a top bunk! This was also the tidiest it ever was.


Guy Fieri’s Burgers are so delicious and served almost all day long! And Elizabeth sits like a little princess.


Watching “Wonder” as a family – this was amazing!!!




Cross your fingers for our next Port, St. Thomas. I’m sure he’s not as angry as Amber (Cove) was.


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