“The Easter Bunny… Doesn’t Seem Possible”

Elizabeth will be 9 next week, and ahead of most of the kids her age, she has cracked the code on the Easter Bunny. 

It was Easter Monday afternoon when she approached me and said “Do you buy us the Easter presents?”

A blank stare was all I had in response, for what seemed like an hour.

“Noooo, why would you think that?” doing my best to lie and not cry at the same time.

“So, a bunny goes all around the world in one night and gives chocolate to everyone?”

The gig was up. She’s wizened up to geography, time-zone constraints, and the availability of millions of foil wrapped milk chocolates in a season. Not to mention that, contrary to popular culture, bunnies aren’t that fast over long distances.


We still have Santa and the fact that calories don’t count on your birthday – but for how long??? #StopGrowingUp


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