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March Break Madness – Opening Weekend

I love March Break. I love being able to pack a months worth of fun into a week of school-free days.

After all, family fun is my job right?

On Saturday, Addison and I , along with two of her giggliest friends, went to see a performance at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. As an adult, the show was meh. But the kids thought it was decent. They surprisingly sat well and watch the whole thing (all the girls are 5).

The Giggle Squad: Kate, Jordyn, and Addison.

Sunday was sunny and windy, but the weather didn’t stop Addison;s life-long dream from coming true. She. Met. Batman. The local Fortino’s was running a food drive, and these cos-play folks were helping to draw some donations. Even I was impressed. And we quickly found out what Addison does when she’s feeling shy…look at her hands.

Dreams coming true.
Spidey, Storm Troopers, and Iron Man. And Little Batman of course.
Addison and Spider-Man.
Wonder Woman, and my little superheroes. #girlpower

Batman gave Addison his business card (he’s a performer and does parties and events) and she keeps asking if she can call him.

Sunday continued with a family walk to the park to test out the newly installed blacktop with built in hockey nets (which we used for soccer) and then some hockey with friends. And what better way to end a great weekend then to enjoy a full roast beef dinner? Huge thanks to Matt’s mom for making the whole thing!

So far so good. Looking forward to more March Break Madness!


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