March Break Madness – Monday Funday

It’s the first official day of March Break, and it’s one our family has been looking forward to for a while. Some of the School Council (PTA) moms and I thought having a few family events scheduled for March Break could be fun. Especially for those of us who are stay-cationing! We planned two to test the waters. Monday was a Family Skate. We rented the indoor skating rink closest to the school and invited everyone to join us. We even had local donors provide hot chocolate, Tim Bits, and granola bars! In exchange for the fun, we collected food bank donations. How awesome, right?

The skate was awesome. My kids loved the exclusivity of skating with kids from ONLY their school. Some parents skated, some chatted in the stands while enjoying hot chocolate. It was exactly the community building event we hoped it would be. We received such great feedback that we are going to do it again in the fall!

Addison and Kylie, school buddies and winners of cutest kids ever.

Our local Indigo bookstore had programming on all week, so we dropped over to check out the Monday event. They had an assortment of board games and activities out for kids to play. The girls tried out Simon (meh), Rubik’s Cubes (too hard), and Loopin’ Chewie (super fun!). Plus there was Play D’oh, colouring, and a bead craft.

Whatever skills one must possess to solve the Rubik’s Cube, we don’t have.


Elizabeth and Addison Connect 4-ing it at Indigo

After the skate, the girls were invited to their friends’ house to play – so I got some alone laundry time! Simple things, I tell you.

Monday Funday was a blast, stay tuned for more!


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