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The Truth About Sick Kids

Addison – 5 – has been sick since Sunday. I tried sending her to school Thursday to get some “absence-makes-the-heart-grow-fonder-time”, but she came home a hot mess. Literally.So now we are at Friday, and I’m running out of rose-coloured glasses to see this sickie kid through.

Addison: Mommy, can I have a dwink?

Sunday Mom: Sure babe, cold water, warm water? What’s going to make you feel best?

Monday Mom: Sure, let me tuck you in tight before I go get it.

Tuesday Mom: Sure sweetie.

Wednesday Mom: Yup, gimme a minute.

Thursday Mom: Forgets and has to be re-asked.

Friday Mom: GO THE $%^& TO SCHOOL! (Only audible in my head)

Addison is pretty low maintenance, and she’s been vegging most of her time home, so I can’t honestly complain too much. But she also doesn’t like not being the focus of your attention, so she hates cell phones, laptops, other adults dropping by, me making food too slowly, when I add something to a list of things-to-do-when-I-can-lock-myself-in-the-bathroom-for-5-minutes… you get the picture.

Addison, I hope you get better by tomorrow, for all of our sake.





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