Judy Blume is Trying to Sabotage Me

Before bed, Elizabeth and her designated “putter-to-bed parent” read a story. We’ve read Judy Moody, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and a host of others literary hits. We are currently reading Judy Blume’s Superfudge.

Have you read it? Have your kids? If not, beware! I know I’m not usually so dramatic, but I was caught unaware, so this is my PSA for all parents.

Chapter 10, Christmas is the topic and the Hatcher family is writing letters to Santa. Then, out of no where, the Santa myth is debunked! What? I wasn’t ready for this! Where is the disclaimer that says “Hey parent, this chapter could steal your kids childhood innocence from them, so kiss them now while you can!” It was late and my brain was already in sleep mode so I sounded like a skipping record trying to gloss over the truthiness of chapter 10.

Be warned parents. And feel free to sign my petition for mandatory labeling on all books that try to squash childhood before moms determine you’re too old to believe in that fairy tail!




2 thoughts on “Judy Blume is Trying to Sabotage Me

  1. When I was 7 years old, I found a book in my mom’s bedroom titled “How to talk to your children about difficult things” or something like that. I saw there was a chapter about “Santa”, so my eager little self hurried off to that particular section. You can imagine my devastation to learn that Santa was not real!!

    But THIS? THIS?! Judy Blume, you disappoint! lol

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