Mother Daughter Princess Tea

One of the many Facebook mommy groups I belong to posted the info about this annual event…


Two things about this invite caught my eye… Mother/Daughter and $5 each 🙂 This mom loves a deal! And it has Elizabeth’s name written all over it – my girly girl loves makeup, glitter, and all things fancy. She’s on the downside of the princess phase, but she was game when I told her about it.

When we got there I was floored at how well put together this event was. There was ample parking to start with, always a plus. At the entry way there were two gentlemen playing horns to announce the arrival of all the princess, plus, Prince Charming held open the doors! Adorable.


At registration we met up with a mom I knew from volunteering, which was nice because now we had someone to sit with in the huge auditorium. Tables were set in pink and purple, and the young ladies chose a purple table near the front to be close to the action. Afternoon tea was kicked off with one of my favourite Disney songs, “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast. I’m a fan of the classics. Moms were served tea, kids served juice, fruit, cheese and crackers were served. It was delightful! The princesses sang songs, and the little princesses were invited up to dance. It was an adorable sea of itty bitty fashionistas.


After the tea portion of the day, moms and daughters were free to wander around the mezzanine of the church and take part in perfectly princessy activities. Elizabeth made a beaded bracelet, played with glittery play dough, and coloured a picture. Then it was time to hit the salon! Glittery manicures, princessy hair-dos, and even a mini-make-up session. Elizabeth was in her element in the Salon!

princess tea party

The final portion of the day was our one on one meeting with the princess of Elizabeth’s choice – Rapunzel. “Rapunzel” was the quintessential princess. Her voice was sweet and caring, she was genuinely focused on Elizabeth, and was as sweet as cotton candy. Plus, check out her dress and hair – could she be any closer to the real thing?


All in all the day was absolute perfection. I love nothing more than getting quality one on one time with my girls, and this day will forever be in my heart. Thanks for the great day, Biz.



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