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Sh!t My Kids Say – Addison Edition

Me: Addison, what do you want for breakfast?
Addison: Froot Loops! Because I’m going to be a rainbow when I get big!

Addison: I like your big tummy, Mommy.
Me: That’s not really a nice thing to say.
Addison: Oh yeah. I like your big pretty tummy!
Me: Thanks.

Addison: Don’t forget I’m naked!

Addison: Is circle a number?

Matt: Alright Addison, it’s just us today! What should we do?
Addison: Eat candy and kick in the windows!




4 thoughts on “Sh!t My Kids Say – Addison Edition

  1. I have to comment because I love your kids haha. She’s a smart cookie…its a circle a number… is!! Thinking outside the box!


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