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Getting a Little Action on the Side.

If you know me, or have read this blog for a while, or have read the About page, you’ll know I’m a stay at home mom (yay!). I am 100% aware of how lucky I am to have this non-paying job be my sole focus. How do you top this job? One way. You make me an offer I can’t refuse!

Last year, my fellow PTA mom and friend Kathryn had the ingenious idea to create an online calendar to keep track of the numerous family-friendly activities going on in our beautiful city of Burlington, Ontario. That way, she could quickly see her play options without having to remember them all in her mommy-brain – LOL! This calendar evolved into the blog that is currently known as Burlington Parents.

Kathryn is a visionary and had big dreams for Burlington Parents, but, like all parents, she was short on the spare time necessary to grow her vision. That’s where I come into the story. Kathryn ask me if I would like to join her family, and I said yes!

Kathryn had met a web designer while working at a local co-working space, and he was on board with helping us achieve our vision of a swanky and spiffy website. If you need a web designer, I recommend James Bosma. He was very accommodating and professional, and worked well with us. We set to work on design, content, and deciding how best to serve our readers. Colours and fonts were chose, logos designed, and tons of techy stuff that is over my head was done too 🙂


On Wednesday, July 29th, we re-launched to the world! To celebrate we threw two Pop Up Park Play Dates for friends, followers and family. Local businesses supported our launch with prize donations, games were planned for the kiddos, and snacks for everyone of course! It was a success!

So it’s official, I’ve been indoctrinated into the world of Work-At-Home-Moms! Wish me luck, and send any feedback this way!



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