Summer Must Do list

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Last weekend we revisited a long lost vacation favourite that we let slip to the wayside once Matt and I had kids. We camped all weekend at the IMSA race at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (herein occasionally referred to as Mosport, because I also still call the Rogers Centre “The Skydome”.)

And believe me when I tell you – IT. WAS. HAWT. Like so-hot-it-makes-you-angry hot. But…everything else about it was amazing! The girls loved every bit of it. We set up camp in the family area, right near the washrooms and the playground. The girls could travel between our site and the park independently which they loved. I loved sitting in a camping chair reading a “scary book” and not having to stand at a park for hours. Everyone would flow in and out of the site for drinks, food, and another slathering of SPF 60. It was bliss, hot, hot bliss.


Ear protection was Addison’s best friend this weekend!


The park. So close to base camp and the girls spent hours here.


When the heat was too much to bear, we hung out in the shade and did some colouring.


And of course the ice cream truck made its rounds!


True race fans, Matt and Jim.


OMG! Elizabeth fell asleep while listening to music. Sun, sandbox and late nights caught up with her!

Some of the cars were painfully loud (to Addison and I, anyway) but the trip was so much fun. Elizabeth cried when we had to go home 🙂 We’re already planning to go back in August for the Superbikes races! This time, we’ll get some shade…


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