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Celebrating Canada Day in The Great White North

Nothing kicks off summer vacation like five days at the cottage! Happy 148th birthday to my favourite country! The girls and I drove up in the (world’s greatest) truck, and Matt rode his motorcycle. Sounds like I may have gotten the short end of the stick, but in actuality, the girls are roadtrip superstars, and I win wifey points! We only had to pitstop once in three hours, which was awesome. Thanks for the restroom King City!

This trip up north was extra special because we were also getting to visit with friends who now live in British Columbia, so we only get a once a year face to face.

We drove up on July 1st – Canada Day, so that night were went into Parry Sound to watch their fireworks display, and check out the boats that were decorated for the annual Christmas in July festival. So cute.  And the fireworks show was incredible! clearly I know to never underestimate the Sound! Plus, Addison’s first fireworks show also crossed #16 off of our Summer Must Do List. Excellent!

The weather was wonderful and the whole family had so much fun. Can’t wait to do it all again in a few weeks!



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