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Investment Partners

Both girls received some cash and Mastermind Toys gift cards for their birthdays. We were at Mastermind looking for a present for another friend, when the kids saw this:

I’ll admit, it looked awesome. But I’m frugal and it was lots of money plus a myriad of taxes. (Yes, Ontario taxes fun.) I started hymning and hawing (?) about the price, and how money doesn’t grow on trees…like a good parent does…and Elizabeth offers up “We can use our birthday money!” Cha-ching! Yes they can! So home we went to add up gift cards and piggy bank innards. Turns out those two had enough to buy the toy of their dreams, plus drop a little in their wee little bank accounts.

Ballers at the bank
Ballers at the bank

They’ve loved the tether-ball-with-racquets toy and have played with it every sunny day since. Plus, when I’m feeling low, I just school one of them at it and – boom! – confidence boost!




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