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Burlington’s Sound of Music Festival

Burlington’s Sound of Music festival is toted as being the regions biggest music festivals. Before we had kids, my husband and I would go and drink over-priced draft beer and watch bands that my mom thought were awesome. Then we had kids, and the thought of the heat, the noise, and bulldozing the stroller through the crowds had no appeal.

Flash forward to present day. The SOMF was last over a week ago and in an effort to kill some time / tire out my kids / rack up mad steps on my Fitbit we decided to pay the festival a visit. We ate an early dinner and walked down to the Spencer Smith Park at about 5:30pm. Spoiler alert – the evening was exemplary!

Clearly, Friday at 5:30pm is family time. The girls saw so many friends and classmates near the mini midway, and watching them spot the other kids was fun. “I see Liam!” “Look it’s Jamie H.!” (I love kids who are known by their first name and last initial.) We rode some rides, walked the boardwalk end to end, and back again, scarfed down some Tiny Toms donuts and drank lemonade that was 88% sugar*. We rode a few more rides and spent a good chunk of time playing at the wonderful waterfront park.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The verdict: 2016’s BSOMF can expect the Rohals to visit on Friday evening, spend a small fortune on rides, eat fresh donuts until Mommy bellyaches of her belly ache, and plan to do it all again the very next year.


*actual values may vary


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