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Summer Must Do List v2015

School is out for the summer, and that means the return of my Summer Must Do List. Improved and updated with all of the events and activities we want to take part in this summer. Join us – and be sure to hashtag #summermustdolist so we can follow you too!

Here is our list – if you’ve made your own, please share! We could all use a little fun inspiration!

summer must_do_list_2015 resized

1. Attend a Blue Jays Game
2. Get Pinterest-y!
3. Visit the Sandcastle Festival
4. Shop at the Farmer’s Market
5. Watch an outdoor movie
6. Swim in a new lake
7. Go Camping – finally!
8. Play mini golf
9. Family bike ride
10. See a waterfall
11. Visit family
12. Try a new recipe
13. Eat at a food truck
14. Fly kites
15. Elizabeth’s choice day!

16. Watch Canada Day Fireworks
17. Have a screen free day
18. Make homemade lemonade / iced tea
19. Go fruit picking
20. Bake and share cupcakes
21. Play soccer baseball
22. Ride the bus around town
23. Go to the Beach – a lot!
24. Visit 5 new parks
25. Visit 5 new splashpads
26. Read tons of books
27. Have a family game night
28. Have a water fight
29. Design tshirts / shoes
30. Addison’s choice day!

Remember, use #summermustdolist to share your fun! And if you’re looking for more fun, check out last year’s SMDL2014!



4 thoughts on “Summer Must Do List v2015

  1. I love that you do this with your girls. I sent you a group invite on FB for #13!! Maybe I could join you for that one (or we can do another one off your list!)
    Happy Summer!!!!!!!


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