Our New Favourite “Store”

My kids love the cottage. Open spaces, fresh air, lax rules…. Who wouldn’t? They love watching their dad putter around fixing things, walking around the island, exploring forests and swamps.

But they never liked the always necessary trip to the dump.

No municipal garbage pickup means loading junk in your trunk and tripping into the good ole transfer station. Not very appealing to young kids, no matter how you sell it. At least, until they noticed this little gem:


The Second Life reuse tent is where locals can leave an item that they believe another local could give good use to. Let’s just say the locals have high hopes for their crap.


My kids call it the Dump Store which sounds horrible (horribly funny!) They always get drawn in by broken toys, sparkly tidbits, and anything animal related. Here is what we walked away this time time.


Elizabeth scored a never-been-used travel mug in an oceanic motif, and Addison walked away with a coffee mug adorned with air planes. (Side note: Happy 75th Anniversary deHaviland). So we went home to boil them play with them.

Chalk up another successful dump run!



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