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March {Break} Madness – Tuesday

Is it Friday yet?

I have been busy planning things to do and I have no idea what day it is most of the time. Do stay at home parents get assistants? I could use one this week…

Tuesday was going to be a somewhat uneventful day for us. My house is a mess so I planned to probably clean it. Probably.

We popped over to our local Indigo Bookstore to take part in their Diary of a Wimpy Kid day event. There was a story time and crafts and honestly nothing special. I did pick up some good deals on gifts for upcoming birthdays, so it wasn’t a pointless trip.



Since that only ate up an hour of our day, I needed more material. This is where I thank the galaxy for my BFF Cathie. Yesterday, after celebrating her birthday, Cathie handed me two oversized gift bags full of awesome loot to keep my beasts busy over March Break. Seriously, on her own birthday she took time to think about my kiddos. She’s an angel.


As they opened the surprise bags they cheered for each item. “A colouring book!” “A bunny!” Thankfully not a real bunny. But what really got them jazzed were the gift cards to Tim Horton’s.


My kids’ love for this Canadian establishment knows no end. And even better than the gift cards was the note enclosed suggesting the girls treat not only their parents to a coffee, but another person as well. Perform an act of kindness. The girls are pretty excited for their next Timmie’s run!!

For the rest of the day the girls coloured in their new books, played with their friends and built a fort that resulted in a 30 minute clean up. Tuesday turned out to be a pretty good day after all. And I even vacuumed!



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