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March {Break} Madness!

March Break – as it’s known in Canada – is in full swing and I am doing my best to keep our home intact, children alive, and mom sane. One of them is about to give, I know it.

Our plan to stay entertained is as follows: Kid friendly stuff that won’t break the bank. My faithful Escape, Big Red, is on her last legs tires, so there’s a big expense in our future. Our activities may include, but are not limited to: play dates with friends, activities are our local library, visiting a maple syrup festival, indoor swimming and skating, visiting the bookstore for their activities, baking, getting crafty, and visiting with some friends and relatives.

On the calendar for Monday was a little grocery shopping (*groan*) and a playdate (*yay*). The girls had so much for at their playdate, and here’s a little proof.



After the playdate, they came home and clearly hadn’t had enough entertainment. I offered them the exciting adventure of cleaning up after themselves, but there were no takers. Shocker. But when I told them Dairy Queen was giving out free ice-cream they were all in! Again, shocker. So we headed out for a walk to the mall (walking = calorie free ice cream right?).


The cherry on top of this ice-cream sundae of a day was when Daddy came home and took them out to dinner at Tim Horton’s – their favourite “restaurant”. Dad doesn’t take photos quite as much as mom does, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

March Break Monday down – only a million more days to go.



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