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P.D. Day Fun

No school Friday so the little ladies and I had to entertain ourselves. This is what they hoped to do:


This is what we did instead.


It was Minecraft Day at the library, and Elizabeth has just started playing Minecraft so I figured why not check it out? They had lots of cute activities like make your own Minecraft fortune teller and Minecraft torch, plus a spy hunt which could win us a Minecraft prize.

Off to lunch afterwards. And of course we ate at Tim Horton’s. Again.


We filled up the morning, so the afternoon was open for movie watching and crafts. Peel and stick foam frog for Addison.


And Perler beads for Elizabeth. Here she is making a rose. Also whipped up a popsicle!


And no one appreciates a $10 off coupon for Joe Dog’s like me so off to dinner we went!

Is that orange a little sour Addison?
Underage gambling? Maybe..

Day 1 of our 4 day weekend is done. Happy Family Day and Valentine’s Day friends!



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