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Lies I Tell My Kids



Yep. I lie. To lots of people: former bosses (cough, cough, I’m so sick and won’t be into work today), friends (you are such a good karaoke singer!). But I find mostly I lie to my kids. Not malicious I’m-saving-for-their-extensive-therapy lies, the little ones, like these:

Santa / Easter Bunny / Tooth Fairy – like every other parent.

“Santa hears mean thoughts” – why not use the magic of Christmas to instill some fear and elicit some good behaviour?

“Parent Ears” – they’re bigger than kids ears because they hear everything, so you may as well tell the truth because I already heard it happen.

“Only Daddies can carry kids on their shoulders” – this one is agreed upon by all of my mom friends too. I carried em for 10 months, so Dad can do 20 minutes.

“Where do babies come from?” I’ve never answered it, and it’s why I keep Kinder Eggs in stock at all times.

“Hugs and Kisses and rub my back” – every night since Elizabeth could talk she asked both Dad and I to give her hugs and kisses and rub her back when we were on our way to bed. How many times have we done it? Not. A. Once. Addison asks too, and her requests are equally ignored.

See, these aren’t so bad, right? Child Welfare won’t be a-knocking this week! And I’m sure I’m no the only one who concocts creative tales to tell their children. What’s your favourite lie you’ve told your offspring? I hope it’s a good one!




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