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Awesome Crap To Do Before I Die

As I was making this year’s Summer Must Do List, I found myself thinking up awesome things I wanted to do, but some of them weren’t really kid-centric. So I decided that I need a bucket list, but “bucket list” was for old people. I have started my own list of awesome crap to do before I die. And here she is…


See the Eiffel Tower
Learn to sew
Bake a pie from scratch
See the northern lights
Make our plan for a 10th anniversary trip happen!
Take a hot air balloon
Zip line
Scuba dive in the ocean
Swim with dolphins
Go on vacation with my mom
Eat sushi
Complete a 5K fun run
Make an ethnic meal at home
See a volcano
Release a floating lantern
Go on a child-free cruise
Host a street party
Vacation in Bali or Fiji (choice TBD)
Learn to ski
Visit a real castle
Shoot some guns
Go whale watching

So that’s where I am thus far. I have always had a thing for guns, but probably only because I’ve never held/shot one. And the whale watching came about as an impulse promise to Elizabeth after I told her why we will never visit Marineland “We’ll see whales in the ocean, where they should be.” Big mouth, but I may get a trip to Nova Scotia out of it!

Have I forgotten anything absolutely fabulous that needs to be done? Let me know in the comments!




And just for your viewing pleasure, a gallery of some other amazing things to do before you croak. Pick one and get ‘er done!

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2 thoughts on “Awesome Crap To Do Before I Die

  1. Well my Mom can help you with the cruise! 🙂 You need to add go to Vegas with a great group of people! I can help you with the pie crust, I have my Grandma’s recipe. Great list!


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