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A Whole New World…er…Park?

My kids love the park. I know all kids love parks…but my two lerve the park. Me? Meh. I’m always stuck pushing a kid on a swing when I’d rather be sitting with the cool moms judging the other moms. Kidding! Kinda.

So this summer, I was determined to utilize some other parks in Burlington. My tax dollars built ’em, right? And on Wednesday we headed out to find a park many friends had said was fabulous.

Mountainside Park Sign
“Why do we always have to stand in front of signs, mom?”

This park was a perfect size, not huge, but big enough that when there was about 15 kids at it, no one was bumping into each other or waiting too long to play on a climber. Speaking of climbers, my kids loved this park so much because the climbers reminded them of American Ninja Warrior.

Elizabeth Peeking

Addison Peeking

Elizabeth learned to do the monkey bars today!!
Elizabeth learned to do the monkey bars today!!

It was surrounded by green space and a cute little path. Next time we go, we’ll be sure to bring bikes and scooters, because there was even a small skateboard park with ramps and junk, perfect for my 4 and 6 year olds. We packed a picnic, and stayed for over 4 hours. And the girls were more than happy to let me sit on our blanket in the shade and read my book. Heaven.


Smile if you loved this new park? And how fun was it to cross another item off of our 2014 Summer Must Do List? Yay!

Smiling Girls

Thanks for checking in with us again! Hopefully more fun is on the way!




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