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Gettin’ Our Read On

On Monday, me and my babes popped by our local library – one of our fave destinations year round – and signed up for the Summer Reading Program. Each summer, in an effort to keep kids reading while they’re not in school, our library (like most) run a reading program to keep kids motivated. We joined last year too, and the girls love it!

Showing off their reading activity books.
Showing off their reading activity books. What? Don’t you read in your underwear?

This year, kids get stickers each time they read three books, or read for three hours, depending on their ability. The girls have already blown through their first three books each and are well on their way to filling their sticker “passports” before the end of the summer. And once they read more than 12 books, they start getting prizes! This was huge for my girls, they want some 80’s sunglasses and sticky hands like nobody’s business!

Read on, readers!

Kicked one off our 2014 Summer Must Do List! Boom!



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