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2014 Summer Must Do List

Last year I created a list of fun things I wanted us to do as a family. The girls had input, and so did Matt and I. This year I’ve done the same, with the help of some suggestions from friends and fellow bloggers, here is what we’ve come up with.

Drumroll please…

  1. Fly our new kites
  2. Go to a Blue Jays game
  3. Visit a new park EVERY week – so far we’ve seen: Mountainside,
  4. Watch a fireworks show
  5. Camp in the backyard
  6. Bake cookies and share them
  7. Spend a day at Burlington Beach
  8. Go for a hike at Mount Nemo
  9. Make good use of our Springridge Farm season pass
  10. Eat ice cream for dinner
  11. Visit a farmer’s market
  12. Have a family game night
  13. Pay a surprise visit to family members
  14. Have a picnic in a new spot
  15. See a waterfall
  16. Family bike ride and lunch trip
  17. School the kids at mini golf
  18. Swim in a new lake
  19. Visit most of the Halton Conservation areas covered in our pass
  20. Go to the Brantford or Toronto Zoo
  21. Play at a new splash pad
  22. Watch a movie on the beach
  23. Sign up for the BPL summer reading program
  24. Go for a canoe ride
  25. Check out the sand sculptures at the beach
  26. Camp as a family (not in the yard!)
  27. Ride our bikes to the lake
  28. Go to a BBQ
  29. Have a friend of the girls over for a sleepover
  30. Send the kids on a sleepover

And of course I whipped up a pretty little printable list that fits perfectly on the fridge. This way, when the girls wake up and beg to know what we’re doing today, we can consult our handy dandy list.

What are you and your family planning for the summer months? I’m open to more suggestions – and I’d love to expose my kids to something new and amazing, so let’s hear it!




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