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Teachers Are Awesome: Exhibit A and B


I’ve very lucky to know some amazing teachers, both professionally and personally. I’m even luckier to have daily interaction with two amazing teachers.

Exhibit A: While talking casually to my daughters senior kindergarten teacher, I mentioned I was taking her little sister to a speech therapy appointment that afternoon. Admittedly, I was a little embarrassed to admit it. Like I had somehow failed in teaching my kid to speak clearly. Instead of all of the judgemental things I could have heard, she said “Great job mom. That’s excellent”. She praised me. And I immediately lost 92% of the shame I felt. Thanks Mrs. K.

Exhibit B: While volunteering in my oldest daughters school, one of the kindergarten teachers came into the room and was talking to my youngest daughter, who is set to start school in the fall. She was playing and asking Addison some questions about counting. They went through a few exercises and then the teacher did it. She told me Addison was ready for kindergarten. It was something no one had said, and something I worried about. I didn’t want her to be the kid who was behind in school because her stay at home mom hadn’t stimulated/taught/engaged her enough. But she won’t be. Because an amazing teacher, Miss C., settled my fears with three words: Addison. Is. Ready.

Teachers Rock. Thank your teacher this week, they are just as involved in raising your kid as you are.




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