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A Letter to Elizabeth on Her Sixth Birthday

Happy 6th birthday Elizabeth! I don’t know if I could love you more than I do today. It’s infinitely more than I loved you yesterday, because yesterday I thought I was going to overnight you to Alaska. But today you are 6 whole years old, and today, being in your company has been fantastic. Not much like the rude/whiny five year old girl that was here yesterday. I’m only about 19% convinced that she’s gone forever. But the sharper part of me knows she’ll be back soon.


In this past year you’ve grown about three inches in height – we measured you to make sure! And the only thing growing faster than your physical self is your intellect. I love hearing your views and opinions (most of the time!). The way you think and question and learn astounds me. Last summer, when you were about 5 and a quarter years old, you decided you needed to ride a bike without training wheels. Just like that. A school friend, who is younger, could do it, and you were shocked. So that evening, at your direction, we took off your training wheels. And after taking time to get your balance, you had it down. And you made my heart explode with love and admiration. You took off down the sidewalk and I chased after you like an adoring fan. When I finally caught up with you 5 houses down, I was so proud of you I had tears rolling down my face.


Watching you learn and master new feats is by far my favourite part of watching you grown up. You’re so determined and focused on acing a new adventure, sometimes to the point of Rohal frustration. 🙂  You have also taken over the best part of being a big sister by teaching your little sister new skills. Thus far, she’s learned to climb onto a swing by herself, and she’s quickly learning to skip, all thanks to your expert instruction. Addison is almost 4 now, and even though she is young, we can see in her eyes how much she idolizes you. You’re her best friend and even enemy at times. With you in school all day, she really misses you. And because of you, she’s so very excited to start kindergarten in the fall. Everything she does is because of you. She’s your little shadow and so full of love for you. I look forward to watching the two of you grow in your relationship, and I’m bracing myself for the teen years.


Let me tell you  little about yourself. {I’m imaging you reading these posts when you’re  teen or when you’re away at university and feeling homesick. If you are, know I love you, and I’m not sending you more money.} My favourite of your personality traits is your sense of humour, because most times, it’s not directed at me. It’s what we share, only second to the bind of love. You’re quick witted, funny and even sarcastic. Your laugh is the best sound in the world. So giggly and from deep in your belly. And you giggle a lot. You’ve got a somewhat new personality as well. Up until this school year, senior kindergarten, you were a tomboy more than you were a girlie girl, but that’s all changed. You loved birthday dress shopping with your Aunt Bree, and you even strike a pose for photos. You’re still an active, athletic girl, but you love nail polish, fashion scarves, and staring at yourself in the mirror while you talk like a big kid. I love talking to you about anything and everything. You have real conversations and your own independent thoughts. It amazing to watch your mind work. I say it often, but you’re becoming a real person now.

Enjoy this next year of being six. It’s a great age, and don’t rush through it. I’m so lucky to be a part of it. ❤





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