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It’s All In My Head

After a few nights of little sleep due to stress (and please don’t assume I’m stress free because I’m a SAHM) I decided to figure out what I was so uptight about by writing down some of the questions I ask myself in a day. Not out loud silly, internally, like psychotics do. Here they are, in no particular order…

Why is my house so messy?

Should I have left my bangs longer?

Did I spend too much at Costco?

How do other people spend so much money without feeling guilty?

When was the last time we had a date night?

Do people really have date nights or is a cleaver ploy by babysitters and the mid-range priced restaurants?

Should we be eating organic?

Can we afford to eat organic?

Am I a good mom?

Will yelling at my kids screw them up?

Does Botox really hurt?

Should I really be the only one doing all of the housework now? Really?

Do we have enough money going towards retirement?

What am I going to do with Elizabeth’s hair?

Should I wear makeup more often?

Why can’t I stop eating junk food?

Jesus Norman Reedus is hot.

Is Elizabeth on track in school?

Why am I so cheap when other people piss away all of their money and seem fine with it?

Why am I being judgemental?

Shouldn’t my days be more productive than this?

If I don’t have a job, is it lazy of me to get the kids to do chores?

Why is my kid such a douchebag?

How serious is Addison’s stutter?

Do we spend enough “quality time” with the kids? Or with each other?

Holy crap is Pharrell Williams hot.

Do the kids think I’m a good mom?

Should we open the kids up to various religions?

Is this my eighth Oreo? Shit.


That was just a small sampling of the constant questioning that goes on in my head in a day. Thank the stars for sexy famous people to mix it up a little, otherwise I may go for a walk and never return. Maybe if I had a job I could afford a therapist, but until then, I’m self medicating with Oreos.

Enjoy your Thursday everyone ❤




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