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A-Z Challenge – Day 6: F

Day 6 of the blogging challenge hosted by this blog. Each and every day, a new blog, lead by a new letter in the alphabet. Day 6: letter F. “Forty-four???” 207891_5160880950_2445_n I’ve never been the oldest in our group of friends, nor the youngest thanks to Baby Cathie. But “Forty-four??” was the reaction garnered when my 3rd bestie Christine revealed her chronologic age to us while sipping bevies in a hotel and getting ready to go our. The revelation even brought Deb to her knees. Technically, she fell over the corner of the bed, but the outcome was the same. Flat on floor.

Not afraid to admit it. Trash.

When I met Christine, it was a very unusual introduction. We were introduced to each other at a mutual friends house on the eve of my bachelorette party, to which Christine was attending. I know what your thinking, How does she invite people she’s never met to her bachelorette party? Is she a gift whore or what? Nope, and stop judging me. I’ll explain. My fiancé turned husband and I had pre-purchased tickets to our destination wedding in Cuba for some of our family members, and one “had to” drop out almost last minute. WTF are we going to do with this ticket? Everyone else had already booked and paid. Enter Christine. My friend (at the time) Anne worked for Christine, and had become good friends with her. Christine was having a shitty year, and deserved a vacation. So of course she would choose to attend a week long destination wedding with a bunch of people you don’t know!

Christine et moi

And thank jebus she did. Since that evening of limos, champagne and hairless male entertainers, Christine has become one of my best friends. She’s the only other one in our Fantastic Foursome that has kids, so she can relate to the good and the bag and the homicidal days of mine. She was also the first person to ask how I was after I had my first baby. Everyone else asked about the new kid, but Christine asked about me. And when she did I bawled to her and she sympathized and reminisced about how the first few days weeks months of a new baby aren’t always sunshine and roses. And she did exactly what I needed her to do, she made me feel normal.

MILFs in their mom-jamas. Smexy!
MILFs in their mom-jamas. Smexy!

We call her mama C when she goes all mama bear on us, and I know we secretly all love her for it. Although older than I am, Christine is wilder than I am, stays up later than I do and has a schedule far more busy and blog worthy than I do. She is a single mom and busts her ass to do it all for her kids. She has truly has raised the best teenagers ever, all while being available to her other family and friends whenever they needed her. She is selfless and loves deep, and if you are fortunate enough to be in her circle of loved ones, you will never laugh, cry, sing, dance or be alone.


I speak for all of us when I say we love you 44. ❤




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