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A-Z Challenge – Day 5: E

Day 5 of the blogging challenge hosted by this blog. Each and every day, a new blog, lead by a new letter in the alphabet. Day 5: letter E.

Check out this kid.

In all her wizardy glory
In all her wizardy glory

Her name is Elizabeth, and she will be 6 years old in 19 days. She’s the reason I have scowl lines between my eyes, and the very reason I love being a mom. Since her conception, she has made her presence known. She would roll around so much in utero that it was cause for distraction to the little boys in their early 20s that I was training to take over my job. You know, so I could go on vacation maternity leave. Nothing better than watching a single dude look at you like you’re playing host to an angry alien. When she opted to finally make a {late} entrance to the world, she wanted out. RIGHT. NOW. Too fast for my petite ballerina hips, so in order to keep the excitement alive, she was an emergency caesarian section. She must have know her mom would like lots of meds. Good girl.

Haha! Lady you ain’t gonna sleep through the night till I’m a year old!

Welcome cone-headed baby into my life. She is my first baby, so, much like the first pancake, she was messy but delicious none the less. I learned how to be a mom on the job (like everyone else) and she did her best to break me any chance she got. Sleep? Nah. Cry for the whole duration of prime time television? Yes please. Eat properly? Nope. She should thank her lucky stars she was adorable and I was too exhausted to “drive her out to the country.” If you know what I mean.

She is lucky she is so cute.

My big babe is witty, sensitive, funny and energetic. I’m almost the same, but not energetic. Which is how Elizabeth always wins. She out wilds me. She is a firecracker that you shouldn’t stand so close to, but you just can’t help it. Her energy is as contagious as her giggle and she makes everything we do 100% more fun just by being involved. Her wit has made us a tag team against her little sister and her dad, and I know one day she will betray me and turn my gift against me. Hopefully we have a few more years on the same team. Watching her learn and grow into a real kid has been amazing. She is learning to read real books and last summer she learned to ride a two wheeled bike. After seeing a kid who was younger than her ride, Elizabeth decided that day she needed her training wheels off because she can ride a two wheeler if they can. And she did. After a few hundred trips across the front sidewalk, she had it. She rode, all by herself, about 5 houses down. And there I was, tears rolling down my cheeks, chasing her just so I can hug the crap out of her. Everything she does impresses me. Anytime she stops me because “I can do it mom” I’m shocked. Where did she learn this? Who has been teaching her this stuff? Maybe she really is the smartest kid ever? Or maybe it’s just ginger coloured glasses I see her through. Either way, she fills me with more pride that I ever could have imagined.

Working on her first laptop prototype. Brilliant.
Working on her first laptop prototype. Brilliant.

I needed to tell you good things about Elizabeth because, lately, these happy memories are what save her from the Wrath of Mom. I often have to remind myself that she isn’t a she-beast who needs to be slayed, she’s just a sweet kid who is testing her mom’s limits. Herein referred to as Ranga Rebellion. This week we had a standoff over helmet safety. She didn’t want to wear a helmet, and I didn’t want an exploded ginger melon on the road while she rode her scooter. She rode off a few feet – sans helmet – at which point I informed her that children under the age of 18 must wear a helmet, it’s the law. Her response was “Maybe Uncle Mike should tell me that”. Uncle Mike is a police officer, and clearly the only person who knows anything. Oh yeah Elizabeth? Betcha didn’t think Uncle Mike was on duty did ya? The shame and shock that she had on her face when Uncle Officer Mike showed up at our front door in his SUV police truck was worth a million dollars. Guess who won’t be protesting the helmet laws anytime soon. Mommy-1, Elizabeth-127.

So, to recap, she’s brilliant, hilarious and my best bud / arch enemy. I reminisce about our firsts, and all of the fantastic things we’ve taught each other, and I look forward to, with a twinge of apprehension, our future. Keep being awesome, Elizabeth. Unless I’m out of wine. Then please take it easy on Mommy.




 Ranga is a slang Australian term for gingers. Derived from aRANGAtan. You know, the primate with red fur? Australians are jerks, with their hot weather, infinite beaches, and ranga slaggin’. ❤




4 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Day 5: E

  1. Elizabeth sounds like a joy! She reminds me of a little girl I used to know who grew up to be the bravest, strongest person I have ever met. Your daughter’s spirit and determination will serve her well when she faces the challenges of growing up these days.


  2. I love that you called her Uncle! That could come in handy for so many different issues in parenting!! Darn. Now I want someone to join the police force in my family. 🙂 Thanks for linking up your post. Will tweet it out for you now! 🙂


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