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A-Z Challenge – Day 4: Double D

Day 4 of the blogging challenge hosted by this blog. Each and every day, a new blog, lead by a new letter in the alphabet. Day 4: letter D.

What’s better than a D? Double D. And what’s better than writing about one bestie? Writing about second bestie! Allow me to introduce you to Deb.

Meet Deb. Best. Person. Ever.
Meet Deb. Best. Person. Ever.

You’d only want to meet Deb if you like meeting beautiful, smart, funny, and loving people. And yes, she is actually happy to be my friend too! I’m almost positive of this.

Deb and I met through my husband. He and Deb met each other through that same guy that Cathie had dated. It’s like the circle of life, but for friendships. Deb is the person who I would want to raise my kids should I abandon them for Daryl Dixon or Edward Cullen. She loves then almost as much as I do. And they would definitely grow up to be better citizens if Deb was involved. Deb is always available for you, heart and soul. She’s the friend who never judges you, listens without interrupting, and works to make your life better. She’s like Bizarro-Amber.

My rangas and their Aunty Deb
My rangas and their Aunty Deb

I can only imagine how much Deb’s students love her. She is a high school teacher, and one reason I’m so supportive of teachers. If we had passionate teachers like her when I was in school, we all probably would have attended more classes. She coaches sports at her school, chaperones those long school trips, and is currently on a year long teacher exchange in Australia. Okay, maybe that part is a little self-serving, but can you blame her?

Deb in Oz.  Stolen from Facebook
Deb in Oz.
Stolen from Facebook

It will be another 9 months before I hug her and cry happy tears, but until then, I’ll just creep Facebook and remember how awesome she is, and how many fun times we’ve had.

No matter where in the world you are, you are loved Deb. ❤



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