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A-Z Challenge – Day 3: C is for Cathie

Day 3 of the blogging challenge hosted by this blog. Each and every day, a new blog, lead by a new letter in the alphabet. Day 3: letter C.

Today is the letter C. I wondered throughout the day what I was going to write about. Crafts? I love crafts. Cookies? They’re my addiction and medication. Then, late in the afternoon, after reading her educated and emotional Facebook post, I had decided on my topic. Cathie ❤

Cathie and Sierra - Charity Run. Stolen from Facebook
Cathie and Sierra – Charity Run. Stolen from Facebook

I met Cathie about 12 or 13 years ago. {Eek! We’re getting old Cath!} My new boyfriend and her new boyfriend were besties, but boys don’t use that word. They were friends and had known each other since elementary school. Ah, so cute right? As it happens in most groups of friends, the girlfriends are sort of expected to hang out. Thank Jebus Cathie was normal, because not all of the girls who came and went were! Fast forward a few years, Cathie isn’t with that guy, but she’s still with me. And my boyfriend became my husbnd.

When you’re planning your destination wedding, there is nothing you need more than a generous and caring friend to rely on. Enter Cathie. She planned my bachelorette party, had the goofy shirts printed, bought the penis straws and made the penis cupcakes. Where do her talents end, you ask? Not there. Cathie and her mom made my veil, she did my makeup, and she did my hair. And together with her mom made me the Best. Cherry. Dress. Ever. Proof below.

Best. Cherry. Dress. Ever.

Don’t quit reading now, Cathie’s awesomeness is just getting started. Every summer Cathie throws a Pink BBQ – also refered to as the Boobie-Q – because all of the money donated goes directly towards breast cancer research. She bakes, cooks and barbeques for like 50 people throughout the event, all on her dime. And her only ask is for a donation to cancer research. All the way down to loot bags for the kiddies.

My girlies, and my girl.
My girlies, and my girl.

What’s worse better than a compassionate, charitable, and beautiful person? Someone who is also thoughtful and kind. Cathie consistently performs Random Acts of Kindness for friends and strangers. She has dropped secret cupcakes on my doorstep, and mailed us an “anonymous” card filled with Roll Up The Rim winners. After this many years together, I’d know her handwriting a mile away. Along with the cupcake delivery, she gave my kids Valentines to sign and mail to Veterans who she thought could use a smile in their day. Seriously. Cathie helps other people be generous! Aren’t you jealous of my bestie?

If you know Cathie, you know that this post doesn’t do her justice. But then you also know how close to perfect she really is and how blessed we are to have her in our lives. If you don’t know her, tough balls for you because she’s effing awesome. Maybe I’ll introduce you one day. If you’re worthy.

I ❤ you Cath.



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