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A-Z Challenge – Day 1: A is for Addison

I’ve decided to participate in a blogging challenge that’s being hosted by this blog. Each and every day, a new blog, lead by a new letter in the alphabet. And today is A.

My favourite thing that begins with A is my baby Addison. Addison

Addison is 3 years old and she is the quintessential three year old. She is silly, and funny and is absorbing it all like a sponge. Here is a little back history on my baby.

The Best Vacation No Money Can Buy!!

Addison was a planned caesarian delivery (which is awesome by the way!) probably because she likes to copy her older sister. And like most second children, she was an easier baby than the one who came before her. We’ll discuss her in a few days 😉 Addison was our chubby baby, meaning she ate lots and gained weight easily. We started calling her Muffin because she had a muffin top poking out over her little Sesame Street diaper! She was adorable.

Addison is One-derful!

Since becoming a stay at home mom, Addison has become the Snookie to my J-Woww. Ernie to my Bert? Woody to my Buzz? Well, I’m sure you get it. We’re new BFF’s and we do everything together. Having all of this Addison time has been amazing. Watching her learn and explore and grow is exactly the reason I quit my job.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

At the park yesterday a little girl all of 5 years told Addison that pickles are made from cucumbers. Addison looks at me and yells “WHAT THE? ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME?” All afternoon she muttered to herself “Pickles from coo-cumers?” It was pretty hilarious. The best thing about Addison is how she’s becoming witty and funny, but not yet a lippy jerk. She echoes the phrases of others, but in a cute way.


Right now, Addi is in the process of doing some speech therapy for a newly developed stutter. We had her do a few sessions in the winter of last year to improve her pronunciation, and once she was cleared for that, she started stuttering. On the very. last. day. Stuttering. I shouldn’t complain though, because it’s only sporadic throughout the day. We find it brought on by her being excited and trying to get her thoughts together before she says whatever brilliant nugget she’s trying to deliver. I’m no longer panicking and stressing about it, we’ll get through it.

It probably doesn’t help that both of my kids flip between their Boston, German, and Russian accents.

These two are gems I tell you. But I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well, nothing that’s been offered thus far.Amber_web (27 of 41)


Top photo courtesy of Brightside Photography. I highly recommend them!


3 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Day 1: A is for Addison

  1. Hahah this made me laugh a lot. Shes so adorable and her personality is quite the gem….altho I cant wait for her to become a jerk ahahha


  2. She is a beautiful litte girl. Adam stuttered as well and had some fine motor skill issues with his speech, we had a speech therapist as well. All is good now, only when he is really excited do you hear the stutter.


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