Addison · Elizabeth · Kids

Sh!t My Kids Say…Part 2

In the car with Addison:
“Mommy I see gooses!”
“It’s ‘geese’, honey.”
“Mommy I see geeses!”
“No babe, ‘I see geese'”
“You see them too, Mama?”

Another delightful chat with Addison:
Mommy, why you got big boobies and I got little boobies?
I’m a big girl, and when you’re a big girl you get bigger boobies.
Daddy a grown up and he no got big boobies?
Daddy’s a boy, and boys don’t get big boobies.
Oh yeah. Boys get big penises!

While I was playing cards with Elizabeth, Addison walks over:
“Addison, do you want to be on my team or the losing team?”
She subsequently won, again. *Hangs head in shame*


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