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A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

Friday was a big day ’round these parts. Yet another kiddie milestone was had and more fun too!

This kid lost her first tooth. (Sorry for the low quality pictures – iPhone quickies!)

We were at an appointment and Elizabeth showed me her uber wiggly tooth. So wiggly it was sticking straight out! Gag. Then 5 minutes later she was drinking a kids yogurt drink and it was gone! Yep, she swallowed it. And boy was that girl worried about the effects of a baby tooth on a digestive system! All was good once we joked that she would “pass” it. Bathroom humour cures all.

Weeks and weeks ago I had been pinning Tooth Fairy ideas on Pinterest and I knew what I wanted to make. But it was crunch time and my crafty skills hadn’t mproved any! So, I did my best.

I wanted to copy this…

Plus I thought I’d add a little ribbon to hang it on her bed or doorknob. You know, for those nights when the tooth fairy has had a little white wine and runs the risk of falling on her child when she tries to fish out a baby tooth from a pillow. Always thinking…

I started out with this stuff… a cute purple t-shirt that the girls had outgrown (I’m an up-cycler, too!), fabric ribbon, felt, purple string, a needle and a completely unprofessional tooth stencil.

Next I cut out a while felt tooth and use the purple yarn to sew it onto the purple material. Then I used that fabric tape stuff to sew the purple material into a pouch. And I also attached the ribbon with it as well. Clearly I need a sewing machine.

And there we have it. My not-so-little girl has a tooth pillow. And because she swallowed her first tooth, she was determined to leave the Tooth Fairy a note explaining the situation.

“Dear Tooth Fairy, I lost a tooth today but I swallowed it. Thank you for still visiting me. Love, Elizabeth.”

“Elizabeth, if you don’t go to sleep the Tooth Fairy won’t come!” was repeated about 87 times Friday night.

Oh, did you think that was it? Hahaha. Nope. Now I needed a letter from the Tooth Fairy. The Soother Fairy left one, so of course the Tooth Fairy had to as well! Thank the internet for having exactly what I needed. For free. I love that internet guy. Check it out here if you have a wiggly-toothed dependant in your midst.

Here’s our little offering to the 5 year old. A letter from TF herself, a certificate, a twoonie and a package of sugar-free gum. This kid has been begging for gum for months and months. Why is she growing up so fast??

This is the gum chewing face of a very happy kid. Toothless and happy. And growing up too fast…

Hope your weekend was as fun-filled as ours was! Thanks for popping by!


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