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My Favourite Things – Kitchen Stuff Edition

Since becoming a trophy wife, I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen. Mostly by choice. but mostly directed by my empty wallet. 🙂 I catch myself using something and thinking, “You know what? This is a pretty awesome doo-hickey.” So I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favourite kitcheny things

We’ll start with the most expensive one: my Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer. This was a Christmas gift from before I had kiddos. I use it all the time for baking, but I use it much more now that I have more time. It’s pricey, but it’s paid for itself in cookies and brownies ten times over. Just ask my sweatpants! Haha!

KitchenAid® Classic Plus® Series 4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

Up next, the T-fal ActiFry – Matt got this as a Father’s Day gift a few years ago. Anyone who knows Matt knows his weakness for fries. Because of this little guy, my big guy doesn’t have to leave home to indulge, and these fries are waaaay healthier. Matt approved, too!

As you may know, I really enjoy baking. Mostly because baked goods become of it. And my house loves brownies, so I was thrilled when this Wilton Brownie Bar Pan lived up to its price tag of $14.99. Score at Kitchen Stuff Plus! Plus, I hear you can do baked omelettes and stuff in it as well. So, if I ever have a surplus of fresh brownies lying around, I just may bust out the eggs and give that a try!

Wilton bar Pan

Speaking of Wilton, I took their Level 1 cake decorating course at Michaels and was introduced to these little guys. They’re Wilton’s Bake Even Strips. You wet them and wrap them around your cake pans so you don’t end up with boob-looking cakes. No one likes that right? Unless you’re making a boob cake. In that case, as you were soldier. Only $10 for a set of two, totally worth it for any person who fancy’s themselves a baker.

Nothing makes me feel like a sexier Nigella Lawson then using wooden cutting boards. Plus, their antibacterial, better for your knives and better for the environment and stuff. I bought these ones at KSP but be warned – the herbs DO NOT come with them.

If you’ve ever cohabited with someone who touches food with oven mitts, you’ll feel my pain. It’s gross and unsanitary and mostly just gross. Plus, I don’t know anyone who actually throws their oven mitts in the laundry. Why bother when you can get these little rainbow buddies from heaven? I wish I had every colour. I love colour.

And of course, my measuring spoons are bright and cheery too. Rainbows make me as happy as drinking at lunchtime. You can get these at Sears and Walmart if you want to expand your awesomeness.

Kitchen Craft Colourworks 5PC Measuring Spoons Spoon Cup Baking Utensil Set Kit

These next three things are as life changing to the kitchen as the PVR was for parents. You knew you had it good before, but then, you just don’t know how you lived with out it.

Quick Covers

Saran Quick Covers are basically shower caps for food. I like them because I can slap one on a big bowl or platter or even a watermelon. And you can wash them and reuse them, which is probably why they may be discontinued.

reynolds slow cooker liners

Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners. These are great when you don’t feel like washing the slow cooker, which is ever time I use it. The only thing is, they don’t make your food look very good. So, I would use them, but maybe not if you’re going to have guests serving themselves out of the cooker. Also, only available in America, but I have tons if you want to try one out.

Parchment paper. AKA The No Need To Wash That paper at our home. I line every baking sheet with parchment paper hoping not to have to wash it. I know, I know. But it’s still clean underneath I swear! Plus, it’s essential for baking.


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