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Random Acts of Kindness

My kids are the best. Way better than I ever thought I could raise them to be. This year, in order to keep small hands busy we made Christmas ornaments. Dozens of Christmas ornaments. And while a few made their way to our two trees…

…and some topped presents for friends and family…

…we had many left over. But these extras had a special calling. Elizabeth thought it would be nice to give them to nice people – and I couldn’t have agreed more. She knew she wanted to give one to the nice people who collect toys for kids, but we also thought it would be nice to give them to other nice folks we crossed paths with on our shopping trip to the mall. The lucky recipients were:

The cashier at H&M – she was in her early 20’s and was very excited to show her co-workers how cute the gift was.
The lady collecting for the red kettles – because ‘she takes toys to little kids who don’t have any toys’
The cashier at a kitchen store – maybe because she was a ginger?
Two sales ladies at Sears – one of which told Elizabeth she would put it on her tree – which BLEW Elizabeth’s mind. “Mommy! She said she’s going to put it on HER tree!”. She also searched out some stickers to give Elizabeth as a thank you.
And a cashier at Shopper’s Drug Mart, who said it was the best part of her day and hugged Elizabeth with tears in her eyes.

After each ornament was given out, Elizabeth kept looking at me in disbelief saying, “Mommy, everyone is so happy when I give them a decoration!”

So, I repeat, my kids are the best.

Merry Christmas friends. And Merry Christmas to my super special Aunt Doreen. 😉


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