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Oodles of Fun at The Cottage!!

Our end of summer mini getaway was amazing! Although we were only away for 4 sleeps and 5 days, it was quite refreshing for everyone. What a great way to end the summer!

We also crossed a few things off of our Summer Must Do List!

4. Go swimming
20. Have ice cream for dinner
21. Go to the movies
29. Feed the ducks
35. Make homemade lemonade
42. Have a Family Game Night
And just for fun…
30. Make S’mores – Take 2

We’ve gone swimming a lot this summer. Pools, beaches, lakes, bathtubs…you name it, and my kids will swim in it. I think Lake Manitouwabing may just be their favorite though. This past getaway the girls were perfecting their Ninja Jumps, a little something sparked by the TV show American Ninja Warrior. So talented. Who needs to bother saving for post secondary education? No us!

“Ice cream for dinner?” they said. “Seriously?” they said. Ab. So. Lutely. Its a once-a-summer treat for the kids, and it means mom doesn’t have to cook. Double bonus. If you ever in the area, we highly recommend the Kawartha Dairy ice cream stand in Dunchurch. The cone I’m holding is the kiddie cone. Best $2 you’ll ever spend. I promise.

Friday of our vacation was a little wet, so we thought we’d take in a movie. I’m sure you can’t tell from the picture, but this is the Parry Sound Movie Theatre. Its…um…quaint…and it’s only $5 a seat 🙂 We saw Monsters University because the kids had already seen World War Z. Kidding!!

Plus, where else can you get a YARD OF POPCORN? Another must try when in Parry Sound.

We knocked off #29 without even trying. We’re fortunate enough that our lakefront is frequented by ducks all summer. We see the ducklings as soon as they’re ready to swim, and we get to watch them grow up over the months. So adorable!

When life gives you lemons…you should make your own lemonade!! That’s what we did – check off #35! Another delicious one on our list!

Something we do frequently already is play games as a family. In the fall I’m hoping the cooler temperatures will force us to do more of it. The girls are getting much better at understanding rules and no crying when I kick their butts. Here we are playing LIFE, which, strangely, is nothing like life at all…

We also broke out a deck of cards, Uno, Trouble and Sorry!. Most of the games were won by Elizabeth, but at least she’s a polite winner…or the absolute opposite…

Remember how my first attempt to woo the girls over to the s’more lovers side didn’t quite go as I had planned? Well there is no stopping me when I get an idea in my little head! So, here is Operation: S’mores: Part 2. Mini marshmallows, mini Hersey’s Kisses, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I call it “Deconstructed S’mores” and they loved it!! Plus, its portable! Win one for Mommy!

Yet another northern getaway well spent with plenty of memories made. I could get used to this…

Thanks for checking in on us, come back soon!


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