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Bubbles…Like Catnip For Kids.

Ever since Elizabeth was born 5 long and loud years ago, our house has always had bubbles. This is mainly due to my mom (herein referred to as Gramma). Gramma buys the best bubbles. Scented bubbles, awesome bubble blowers, confusing need-a-engineering-degree-to-assemble bubbles. And I can’t complain, because I love bubbles, too.

The kids were excited to have a “Bubble Party” as part of our Summer Must Do List. Not sure what a bubble party is? Me either. But if you add the word PARTY to any generic event, kids love it. We also have popcorn parties, movie parties, and laundry folding parties. The latter garners less enthusiasm, but as long as they can have a sock fight at the end it usually goes over without a hitch. But I digress…

It was a hot sticky day and we had our friend Simon over to play in the sprinkler. I think that counts as a play date, don’t you? Check! Although, they didn’t get very wet, because they were using umbrellas as shields. So inventive, yet almost counter productive?

In between dodging the sprinkler, the kids had fun blowing bubbles. We had the coloured bubbles from the Crayola Bubble Blower (one of the most used presents that the girls have gotten) blowing, and the kids were blowing cupcake scented bubbles.

There was a lot of jumping, running and flailing going on, which produced some less then stellar pictures, but here’s what those monkeys looked like…

My girls love bubbles! But I think Simon loves them just as much! Thanks for joining in on the fun buddy!!

Thanks for “popping” by! Get it? Hahaha!


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