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Could We Be Having S’More Fun?

Before we left for vacation (in July) I had the girls all hyped up for campfires and s’mores. Who doesn’t love a campfire and s’mores? I’ll tell you who. My kids.

We were warned that due to them having the attention spans of fleas, the effort of a campfire would be wasted on them. Scoff! We said. Not our kids! We said. It’s official. Matt was wrong 😉

In the few minutes it took Matt to get the fire going, we had already received complaints about the smoke, the bench, the mosquitos, the bug spray, and the ever popular “Why can’t I poke the fire, too?”

They were a slightly calmer while I made them some nutritious delicious s’mores. And then, the moment of truth arrived – what would they think? Would they be addicted instantly?

 Nope. In fact, this photo captures the one and only bite either of them had. Then they asked for chips. Their faces look like they’re being tortured!

I’ve blocked the whole disappointing ordeal out of my head. Here is how I will try to remember our first family campfire, complete with s’mores.

Needless to say, this one won’t make it onto our next Summer Must Do List.


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