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Cool Kids Read During the Summer!

In preparation for our two week vacation at the cottage, we popped into the library to stockpile some reading material. As we were checking our books out, the oh so sweet librarians at the Burlington Public Library told us all about their summer reading program.

Reasons the kids love it:
1. They get to check out tons of books at a time.
2. They get a nifty little passport to track their reading accomplishments
3. Stickers for every 3 books they read!!
4. I said stickers! That’s reason enough!

We’ve been stampin’ those passports something fierce, and the girls love the stickers, which have a Canadian city on them and a little Canadian-inspired image. Who already knew where Okotoks was? THIS MOM DID! (Thanks to the milk con for that knowledge)

Here’s a shot of their cute little passports and the awesome stickers.

As if these girls needed a reason to read more!

It’s probably story time now – catch up with us later!


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