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Sleepovers – No Sleeping Required?

Last week the girls had their very first sleepover – and crossed # 23 off the ol’ Summer Must Do List! The lucky guest of honour was their best friend (and Elizabeth’s boyfriend) Robbie. I think they were pretty excited when I picked them all up. The lollipops helped a little, too.

To keep them busy we went on a Scavenger Hunt, which coincidentally was #31 on our List. I downloaded and printed this free list, courtesy of The Taylor House blog. They have a few different lists to choose from, so I grabbed them all to use in the future. 

The kids loved it and it held their attention for at least 30 minutes (which is aeons in kid time). The only item we couldn’t find was a baby. Clearly parents in my neighbourhood don’t let their babies hang out on the sidewalk. Party poopers. After the Scavenger Hunt was done, we retreated back to the house. The kids entertained themselves by preforming stunts they’d seen on American Ninja Warrior. I only gasped “OH MY GOD GET DOWN!!” about 8 or 9 times, which is good in my book. Then it was time to start making dinner – Build Your Own Pizza! The kids liked this one too (which I knew they would because I stole the idea from a super friend Sarah!) Note to any non-parents: Never, ever eat food that a child has prepared. Ever. 

Who knew that 3/5/6 year olds didn’t really sleep at sleepovers? Not me. Here’s a shot of them pretending to sleep, because we all knew it wasn’t going to happen very soon. The reinacted American Ninja Warrior for another undetermined amount of time. It was after 9:30pm when I felt I needed to invoke the “You can play, but you need to stay in your room” rule. That’s decent right? 

The sleepover was deemed a success by all those involved, and it was unanimous that we should do it again very soon. Or the next night, whichever was sooner. 
Thanks Robbie for helping us cross off some fun, and for being the best behaved kid at the sleepover!


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