Family · Summer Must Do list

"Falling" for a Mini Roadtrip

This past weekend was the Children’s Festival in Burlington. While we didn’t spend Saturday at the festival, we did rack up some pretty good family time. #37 on our Summer Must Do List is “see a waterfall”, and see a waterfall we did.

We didn’t tell the girls where we were going, although we did give them some hints: it’s outdoors, there are no bathrooms, and if they didn’t hurry up and get in the car it would dry up before they got to see it. Even with these brilliant clues, they didn’t guess our destination.

This is Webster’s Falls in Hamilton. I’ve only seen a handful of waterfalls in my life, and this one was just as beautiful as I hoped it would be. As we walked towards it, Elizabeth called out “Oh my goodness Addison, it’s a waterfall!” which affirmed our field trip was a good one.

The area is beautiful and you can follow the river/creek/stream thing and see littler “waterfalls” which the girls loved because they could get close to them. And the stone bridges – complete with historical plaques detailing their life – were gorgeous. The grounds are lush and green and there are picnic tables everywhere, so pack a lunch if you go – and I highly suggest you do.


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