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Happy 3rd Birthday!

She’s already three years old! But wait, it seems like she’s been hanging around here for aeons…how can that be? 

A few weeks ago Addison turned the Big 3, and here is how we celebrated – Sesame Street style

Because Addison isn’t in daycare any more, more on that later, her circle of friends is…shall we say…discreet. This meant that we could do another at home party for her. With absolutely zero some minor coaching from me, she chose Sesame Street as the theme. Yay! 

The personalized wreath I made with love for my littlest baby girl! Thank you Pinterest!
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Our guest list included young’uns from infants all the way up to 5 year olds. Whooee! I planned a few games and activities to keep them busy, but they mostly just wanted to run around and scream threateningly at the adults. Envision Lord of the Flies, but with kindergarteners. 

The first failure game was “Place The Nose on Elmo”. Seriously. “Place”. We are such a sheltering generation aren’t we? 

Here I am dictating how the game works. It was complicated, clearly. 

Here is our BFF Robbie perfectly placing the nose on Elmo, while blindfolded. 
And here is our BFF Grace perfectly placing the nose on Elmo, while blindfolded.  Hmmmm…..

And here I am visibly perturbed that the kids lied when I asked if they could see through the blindfold. Liars!!

This is Addison doing her victory dance after pulling one over on Mommy. 

After the first failure game, we moved on to some D.I.Y. Monster Hats. 

Here are the craftspeople hard at work creating their masterpieces. Thanks Alison for helping!

Voilà! The finished products! Foam crafts are my passion. 

Two activities down, and still hours to go… what to do? When all else fails, feed the savages cupcakes! 

Cheese! It’s mah birfday!!

Who wants a cupcake? Boys are fast!

Obligatory photo of Elizabeth. the birthday girl’s big sister.

If you’re ever not sure what to do with 6 kids hopped up on sugar, might I suggest a piñata? 

Me Cookie Monster. Me love cookies. Me no love kids wielding baseball bats.

Go Addison!

Go Grace!

Go Elizabeth!

Go Robbie!

Go Kate!

Let’s bust the blue boy open Calvin!


Matthew doesn’t need candy – he’s sweet enough! 

After all was said and done, and the last scrap of candy was allocated, the day was a success. Addison has a lot of fun and got to spend her birthday with the people who love her the most.

But more importantly, she scored some awesome presents. Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Addison’s 3rd birthday, and thanks for stopping by to catch up!


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