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The Best Vacation No Money Can Buy!!

Who’s ready to go to the cottage???

Matt is!

I will be the first to admit how lucky I am to have married into a cottage. Matt’s family has a cottage near Parry Sound, ON and its perfectly “cottagey”. You have everything you need to be comfortable – running water, a full fridge (thanks Starr!) and satellite TV. Plus, you still feel like you are “getting away from it all” when you’re on vacation. I loved going up before we had kids and I love going even more now that there are little ones that I get to watch explore their rustic surroundings. This was the first official time that Elizabeth was really geared up to go to the cottage. I think she knows that going to the cottage gives her a free pass to get dirty. And Addison loves the constant stream of food that always seems to be on the go at the cottage.

While the bugs may not be her thing, boats apparently are. Elizabeth topped out at 5 boat rides in one day. It was all she talked about leading up to the getaway and all she ever wanted to do. If we couldn’t get there by boat – we weren’t going!

Captain Matt and his first mate Elizabeth in “Tinny The Aluminum Boat”
Gilligan Addison driving “The Big Blue Boat”

She did however succumb to allowing Matt a water-ski – something he hasn’t done since before the girls were born…Looks pretty good right?

He’s still got it!

 And where did we take the boat to every day? The beach of course! The frontage (that is cotager-speak for where the land meets the water) at the cottage is a 20 foot drop off, which is not so toddler friendly, so the girls loved being able to play in the sand and wander around the shoreline. Plus, there was always a few other kids there to play with too. But mostly it was fun to cover Mommy in mud.

My beautiful girls and I – I’m the one who isn’t adorable looking…

But the best part about the beach? It tired the girls out…

Addison enjoying her 3 hour nap.

We don’t know when we’ll get up to the cottage next because we’re moving in just over a month. Hopefully its sooner rather than later though. Until then, Elizabeth can keeping making us sound like snobs as she asks everyone “Do you got a boat? I do…”

Did you get away for a little vacay this summer? Where is your family’s favorite getaway spot?

I guess I should start packing right? Maybe after I catch up my PVR’d Big Brother!

Thanks for stopping by to catch up with us!


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