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Birthdays, Bouncy Castles and Best Friends

June 24th is a very special day in our family. We all love when its our birthday, but nothing compares to the excitement and buildup we all (Matt and I included) experience when Robbie’s birthday rolls around. Robbie is our 4 year old neighbor and he is Elizabeth best friend. They are 10 months apart and inseparable. If you haven’t heard of Robbie before you haven’t seen us in over three years.

Every year is the Annual Birthday Extravaganza. Robbie doesn’t do small. Or intimate. Or cheap. Or just one day. This is a good thing, because his mom Jenn is “THE” party planner extraordinaire. This year, Rob’s birthday fell on the theatrical release date of his favorite movie – Cars. Theme? Check. And it just wouldn’t be a Robbie birthday if a bouncy castle wasn’t involved. Brand new Cars themed bouncy castle? Check.

Here are some snapshots of the event…

See that little beige thing in the background? That’s my house.

Party planners Jenn and mom, Sandra aka “Grandma”

Woo hoo!!!

Addison Rohal wins the Cup!

Bouncy bouncy!

Looking forward to it again next year Robbie! Happy Birthday Buddy!

And thank you for stopping by – make your calendars for next year!


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