As if life wasn’t busy enough…

Why not throw in a kitchen renovation??

When we moved into our house in 2006, the kitchen was horrific – but we didn’t care because at least we owned that little bit of ugly. I don’t think anything had been upgraded since it was built so it was livable, but ugly. Once we finally got settled and had a kid, we decided to start by painting the cupboards. They were this icky pink wash and they had to go. All we did was paint them white and it made such a difference! Clearly worth the time and effort Matt put in 🙂

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Before

Earlier this year, we took the kiddies to Great Wolf Lodge and had a professional painter (who is awesome) come in to paint our kitchen, living room and dining room. With the help of an interior designer (who is also awesome) we chose a Benjamin Moore colour called Rocky Road for the whole space. The colour made the main floor look so warm and welcoming. Much less institutional than the icky beige we had going on. Sorry Nanny.

Freshly painted cupboards and walls. And Addison.

Freshly painted cupboards and walls

Freshly painted cupboards and walls…and some of the six varieties of tile!

 We left it like that until just last month. That’s when we decided to give her a real facelift, not just some purdy makeup. First we removed the SIX – count em – SIX types of tile that made up our kitchen backsplash. Then, the new counters were installed. We were home for part of the counter install and all we kept saying was “Holy crap, can you believe how nice these are?”. Hope you like them too!

I was in heaven with the new counters…but it just kept getting better! The tile was installed the same week and here is what we get to enjoy every day!

More pics to come – these are from my iPhone

More pics to come – these are from my iPhone

Look at those tiles! And that counter! I’m in love all over again as a stare longingly into my chic new kitchen… When are you coming over for dinner?

Thanks for reading!


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