Our First Post: a.k.a.Why Are We Doing This?

Needless to say, some family members are not fans of blogs. He reads them, he just doesn’t want to be mentioned in one. Oops, was that too obvious? This blog is going to serve a few insignificant purposes. First, its a place where we can track the awesome daily occurrences that come with kids. Second, its going to be an easy way for everyone who loves us to know what we’re up to. Not everything warrants a phone call or an email (“OMG, Addison just put her whole foot in her mouth!”) so it will be documented (and photographed where available) here, and if foot consumption is something you want to read about…boy are we your new favourite blog 🙂
I hope you enjoy your reading. Its got to be better than whatever else you should be doing right now isn’t it?


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